Bonjour! The wrap up of Toi et Moi x THE ICONIC runway show.

We’ve been talking about this day for weeks, we’ve been telling everyone about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & the blog and boy-oh-boy it turned out ah-mazing!

Today we went backstage to keep you up to date (minute by minute!) with our exciting journey with sydney label Toi et Moi.

After getting about a zillion pictures we spent the morning chilling out with the crew, Gill (the designer) her husband Bear (yes it’s his nickname and no I don’t know how he got it)  their super cute daughter Charlie, Carla the brand manager and THE ICONIC team! What set today apart from the rest was that there was a sense of calm, I’m sure Gill would have had some moments but she kept it together with many smiles.

Labelled as the IT girl at MBFWA 2012 Rachel Rutt was backstage knitting herself a new sweater, and dressed in another 1 of her creations, how cool is that! She has to dash between shows with her busy schedule yet manages to be completely relaxed!

The highlight of the day was Gill’s daughter Charlie, a confident young lady that is buzzing with energy! She opened the show singing a French song with her Grandma tuning in from France via the live stream (4am French time!) everybody loved how adorable it was and adding a personal touch to the collection, bringing back the tie into their family and the brand.

The show got underway and was smooth sailing! Phew. THE ICONIC team were seated front row looking fab, the soundtrack was a perfect match and everyone loved the collection. We had hundreds of people streaming the show LIVE and orders were being made while the show was in process! We couldn’t have asked for anything better than that!

Once the show was over and we had a minute or two to process everything we met up with our competition winners who got tickets to see the show, a KMS hair pack and a whole bunch of cool product from THE MAKEUP STORE! The ladies all enjoyed the show and assured me they would stay in touch… Thats all for now, aurevoir!

And if you missed the live streaming then don’t fret, we’ve got it all recorded and ready for you to watch right here! The styles are currently online and ready for purchase. Remember that we only have a limited amount of stock and you won’t be seeing it in stores until October! Shop it right here, right now! 

Doone Xx