17 Sundays

17 Sundays x THE ICONIC – Exclusive Range

With a recent stellar showing at LA Fashion Week (they were the only Australian label to be invited to take part!), 17 Sundays is the plus size brand taking the market by storm. I spoke with designer Claire Primrose about her collaboration with THE ICONIC, the exclusive  line BASIC 17 Sundays.

Tell us about 17 Sundays and how the brand came about? Myself and Nikala had previously worked together for other brands in the industry and had always talked about developing a bespoke, boutique branded space that was unique to plus size. We always felt there was a strong need for it in the Australian market place and the 17 Sundays offer is forward and breezy, it’s for girls who want to buy into something a bit more special than larger retail brands who currently dominate the market. You know every girl needs the opportunity to choose how they define themselves aesthetically, it’s empowering. Currently there is a limited choice of fashion forward options for women of a certain age group and over certain sizes, and 17 Sundays are about changing that.

We’re very excited out our exclusive range with you, BASIC 17 Sunday. Can you talk us through how this collaboration came about? When we saw the phenomenal sell through we were receiving on 17 Sundays, Lisa Ceruto (THE ICONIC Curvy Buyer) sat down with us and asked us to develop an exclusive basic line for THE ICONIC. It’s something Nikala and I have always spoken about as good plus size basics in luxe fabrications are either hard to find or UBER expensive. So in collaboration with Lisa we developed the range and launched it last week with amazing results.

What’s the point of difference for this exclusive line? For us the exciting thing about being part of THE ICONIC is their refreshing and exciting approach to retail. The point of difference with our line is simply that THE ICONIC and in particular, Lisa Ceruto, will take risks and back styles that may not be “traditional” plus sizes shapes in “traditional” plus size colours. We have dropped in short shorts and body con dresses and fluro striped tee dresses. We’ve put together an offer that anyone of any size would want to buy into. That’s the exciting thing about THE ICONIC Curvy, there has never been such a comprehensive celebration of plus size retail in Australia or NZ before and being part of that is really exciting.

What are your style tips for this season? For us it’s about dresses, washed and embroidered denim, statement neck pieces and COLOUR.

Can you share any tips for dressing to suit your body shape? Well we don’t really subscribe to dressing for your body shape. 17 Sundays is about confidence and style, if you feel amazing in an outfit, if you feel bulletproof and sexy then it’s the right look for you.

Can you tell me about the role bloggers play in the industry? We have some really strong plus size bloggers on our blog roll who are nothing short of fierce. The bloggers in plus size are SO important. They educate with styling tips but more importantly show their style with confidence which is so empowering. Bloggers like Ashley Rose, Danimezza and Fashion Hayley in Australia and Nadia Aboulhosn, Masque Magazine, Nicolette Mason and Gabi Fresh in NYC are literally just a few aspirational bloggers with individual looks and huge global followings. For our customer, the plus size bloggers show people how to embrace a style and the more forward the style is the more interesting their take on it becomes. That’s how the plus size offer deepens and earns a real legitimacy in the fashion landscape. So saying things like if you’re an ‘apple shape’ don’t wear a bodycon dress does nothing but keep the plus size fashion dated and one dimensional. That’s exactly why we love THE ICONIC, they are one of the only major retailers in Australasia that actually understand that and take calculated risks with the ranges and brands they back and I guess the results speak for themselves!

You can find the full range of 17 Sundays online [here].

Doone Xx